Netherlands Campus

The Netherlands will be the second country we visit with the English Hockey & Sport Summer Camps "(SSC J2017) this summer. The nearest town to the campus is 'S-Hertogenbosch which has 134,000 inhabitants approximately. This is an agricultural area therefore it has exceptional countryside which allows for a peaceful stroll or a good area to play sport. We recommend that participants do not leave this area without visiting the central square of

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Germany Campus

Germany, specifically Monchengladbach, where we spend the first week of SSC J2017. Monchengladbach, which has one of the largest Japanese communities in Germany is located near the city of Dusseldorf. It’s known throughout Europe and the world for its Academy of Art and Electronic Music. See map. Hardt forest is where we will host the campus. It is part of "Rheindahlen" west of the city which belongs to the nature park Maas-Schwalm-Nette. The

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England Campus

England has certainly been our inspiration and where we have enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere alongside participants in the past. Repton School is where we gained much of our experience in management and training of youth and it has been an excellent area for the realization of our summer campus. Actually we are talking and planing with some English Schools, we will be going back to England in coming years. This place is the well-equipped facilities

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Spain Campus

Where better than in Spain, currently one of the world powers in sport, to enjoy a sports campus? This is undoubtedly one of the great legacies of the twentieth century that we are proud of, as in most sports Spain are well represented. Spain today is a source of sport and the perfect place to enjoy sport, alongside good weather and beaches. Each year, a large number of Europeans come to enjoy our land, our culture and our sport. Across Europe, OfficialCoach

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