Keeping in touch

We encourage kids to write to their friends and family if they wish. If parents need to talk to their child, please call the contact number that we provide when booking.

Mobile phones are allowed in the residence camps but shall be held by the campus manager until the campus activities finish. This ensures that their care and safety are maintained during the activities and prevents loss of the phone.

It is natural that some children may feel a little homesick in the early days at the camp but our staff are trained to help them quickly overcome their concerns and involve them in campus activities. During this time, we ask parents to limit contact to a minimum with their children.

We are proactive in keeping parents or guardians informed about the development of your child.

Problems and concerns

Problems and concernsWhat really matters is that each of our pupils enjoy and learn. If they feel that something is wrong with their holiday they are encouraged to speak to a member of staff . The problem is usually solved very quickly.

If your child has a problem and tells only their parents, it is vital that you inform the campus manager so that we can act according. If there is anything you need to convey, please contact us and it will make it easier to correct the situation immediately.


All comments are valued because they help us to improve and adapt our campus.