OC is a company dedicated to sports and language camps.

We specialize in communication, which is arguably one of the cornerstones of our society. We achieve this by using classroom conversation as well as with sport workshops to promote language for all participants to achieve confidence to use a new language.

With OC, using today’s technology, we aim to keep in constant contact with both the participants and their families, that is, we don’t want the distance to be an obstacle to knowing what happens beyond our homes and on our campuses abroad. Videos, photos and other materials are updated daily on our website so that participants and their families are connected in some way without being in the same place at the same time.

clases.pngThe learning process includes the use of various media, either in the classroom or during the practice of sports improvement.

Our campuses are designed for language learning combined with sport and frontier technologies, thus contributing to the integral formation of our young people. In our opinion, young people should be capable of managing their own concerns, as well as travel and see the world independently and responsibly.