Netherlands Campus

The Netherlands will be the second country we visit with the English Hockey & Sport Summer Camps “(SSC J2017) this summer.

The nearest town to the campus is ‘S-Hertogenbosch which has 134,000 inhabitants approximately. This is an agricultural area therefore it has exceptional countryside which allows for a peaceful stroll or a good area to play sport.

bosschebollen.pngWe recommend that participants do not leave this area without visiting the central square of Den Bosch, where you will find a monument dedicated to Jerome Bosch “Bosch” famous for his landscape paintings of the city and its surroundings. “Van Pelt”, the most famous hockey shop in the city, is only 2 minutes away from the square. There are a wide assortment of souvenirs on offer to remind you of your time at the campus in this area. The last recommendation for this city is undoubtedly the bakery Jan de Grote which is opposite Central Station. Here you will find the famous “Bosschebollen” which are giant sized chocolate, cream-filled balls, similar to profiteroles, so good you want to lick the plate to leave nothing behind.

The second week of the campus will be situated in the most important hockey club in the Netherlands which is known around the world as Den Bosch. The club is located in Oosterplas park (Oosterplasweg 35). It is next to a magnificant lake which hosts sports such as sailing. There is also a small beach perfect for sunny winter days and most definitely during the summer.

This club has 8 fields for playing grass hockey and has a long tradition in this sport. The club is very successful and has produced many award winning boys and girls. This aspect means that there is much team spirit within the club and this is a valuable asset to the club where they you can feel almost like ‘home from home’. Den Bosch provides OC with a perfect setting and location to offer the necessary facilities for our participants and ourselves to achieve our goals.

We will be staying in Boxtel, specifically Hof van Vijfeijken and Heesemanshoeve. Boxtel is a small village located 8 minutes drive from where many of the experts of the club come from each day travelling by bike, certainly the most traditional means of transport of the Dutch.

The group will consist of about 60 people, including participants, coaches, trainers and members of the OfficialCoach Team. All are ready to help our participants ‘live and breathe’ a great adventure with OC.


From July 10th to July 16th


Between 10 and 18


€ 695 per person / week

Airfare not included

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Discount for third child: 5%


Boxtel: Hof van Vijfeijken and Heesemanshoeve


Den Bosch Hockey Club